Anne M. Powders
Healthy Skin & Smiles
Creating healthy skin and beautiful 


Complimentary Consultation

An experienced dental hygiene
professional with a passion for skincare. Helping you achieve a fresh bright smile and 
healthy skin.
A caring and gentle approach tailored for you.

I offer you...

An online dental and skin health advice service and clinic treatments. Patient-focused care with an experienced professional.


My expertise...

...a highly trained and skilled dental professional

Dental Hygiene Therapy

I will use my clinical expertise to perform gentle hygiene therapy to remove plaque biofilm and mineralised deposits from around your teeth. In some cases it is necessary to undertake more advanced periodontal therapy.

Dental Health and Wellness

By maintaining healthy gums you can improve your overall health and wellbeing. Together we can look at your homecare routine and new path to improved wellness. 

Dental Health Advice 

Healthy gums are pale pink and firm and fit tightly around your teeth. I will show you how to improve the condition of your gums with good plaque control, toothbrushing and homecare. 

Skincare Treatments

Our skin forms the protective barrier layer to our body. We need to protect and nourish our skin to keep it rejuvenated, healthy and glowing. Beautiful skin gives us confidence. I offer you personalised skincare solutions.

Polishing and Stain Removal 

Using state of the art technology, airflow polishing is pain free and removes stains such as from tea, coffee and smoking from your teeth and leaves them feeling clean, bright and fresh.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening or bleaching is regulated by the GDC and it is a requirement that all tooth whitening is prescribed from a dentist at a dental practice. You may book a consultation to discuss your options with a dentist.

Anne M. Powders

Dental Hygienist

Skin Practitioner

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Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00 Dental Hygiene

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