My Skincare Clinic is now Open.

I am a dental hygienist with a passion for skin health and skincare.  I offer some lovely facial treatments to rejuvenate and restore giving you a fresh new glow and renewed confidence.
I am an experienced dental professional and have combined my extensive dental knowledge with advanced skincare training.  As dental professionals we are perfectly placed to provide facial aesthetics and skincare advice and treatments.  We are trained to use medical grade skincare to bring the very best to you.
My skincare clinic is held at a dental practice where you can be assured that the environment is clinically safe and where strict Covid-19 protocols are in place.  You can be assured that you are receiving treatments that are safe and effective by a caring and gentle professional.
I use the medical grade products from Cliniccare for all my treatments and recommendations to you.  These Swedish products are scientifically produced to maximise the absorption using low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid.  The products seep deep into our skins layers where they can enrich the collagen growth and cellular matrix, the rich juices, providing deep long-term benefit. These products help to rejuvenate, restore and replenish our gradually depleting collagen, so are anti-ageing as well as brightening, hydrating.

My Personal Skincare experience

I have been using Cliniccare medical grade skincare products for the past year, and have really noticed a difference in the hydration and brightness of my complexion. It had been explained to me that when you buy over-the-counter products most of them have such large molecular size that they can’t penetrate through the surface to deeper skin layers to enrich the lower down live cells and collagen that support the skin structure.  In fact, the ingredients sit like  ”boulders” on the surface of our skin only reaching the very surface layers.

It took me a life time to discover and understand skin and the anti-ageing process. How many, like myself have been in a constant search of a cream/ or trialling a new product that really had some long term benefit? How many others have had facial treatments and then been sold products that were never explained, and left without any understanding of the way they truly worked?

It’s natural that as we grow older we start to gain an interest in the ageing process and how we can restore tired dull skin? We start to see fine lines and wrinkles appear, we may notice hyperpigmentation from over-exposure to the sun.  I’ve spent many summer holidays baking in hot sun, and grew up in the dazzling sunshine of the subcontinent of South India here we had to scrunch our eyes up and seek shade when we played outside. In those days we rarely used UV sunscreen and I had no idea what was going on much deeper in the layers of my skin.  The sun damage starts to catch up with you by your late twenty’s and thirty’s and then the following years you spend trying to heal and improve the appearance of sun damage.  So if you are young and have this information you can slow the ageing process with good homecare and factor 50 sunscreen.  If you are older you can still slow down the ageing process.