Consent for dental and skin consultation

  • I understand that I will be seen by a registered Dental Hygienist in a virtual setting.  I understand that there will not be a physical examination and that any advice given will be appropriate given the digital environment.

  • The Dental Hygienist is indemnified by dental indemnity policy and registered with the General Dental Council.

  • The Dental Hygienist cannot diagnose or give a formal prognosis (the likely outcome) of diseases such as decaying or broken teeth, or prescribe antibiotics, painkillers or any other drug to alleviate symptoms due to the nature of the platform in which you are obtaining your advice.

  • The Dental Hygienist may advise you to see alternative healthcare or dental care professionals that they feel necessary in the interests of your health and should your symptoms or problems be outside the scope of what they are allowed to do or advise. 

  • Anne is independently insured to provide skincare advice within her remit.

  • Appointments are private and 1:1

I have read and understood the limitations of the virtual appointment and agree to be seen digitally by a Dental Hygienist.  I understand that the Dental Hygienist is not responsible for the overall health of my mouth and that regular visits to a dental practice are still recommended.  Our privacy policy can be found here