Our Skin

The health of our skin is important as it protects our body from the dangers of the harsh environment, helps to keep our bodies at the right temperature and allows us to have a sense of touch. 

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and when it is healthy , its layers help to protect us.  When it is compromised, its effective barrier is damaged.  The best ways to improve your skin health is to support it and protect it. The support for our skin health is both from within through the foods that we eat, and from outside by nourishing our skin and applying effective sun UV barriers.

Skincare Model



Image by Coline Haslé


Having a good skincare regime ensure we keep our skin intact and strong. When we apply skincare products, we want to protect from the suns UV rays and its ageing effect. We also want to rejuvenate the layers and encourage collagen growth to promote antiageing and make dull and lifeless skin glow. 

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Our Skin Health

Many factors impact the growth and health of our skin. Internal factors include genetics, ageing, hormones and our medical health, for example diabetes.  External factors include unprotected exposure to the sun, washing too frequently, an unhealthy diet, stress, lack of sleep, inadequate exercise and dehydration.  Smoking and particular medications can impact the skins ability to act as an effective barrier. 

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Skin Protection

The suns UV rays damage our skin cells. Without adequate skincare protection our skin is exposed and we may become sunburned and gain irreversible damage to the skin calls. Even mild sunburn can destroy the top layer of our skin.  Our skin is the body’s first layer of defence, so we need to protect it.

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Skin Conditions

We may suffer from skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema. Our skin reacts to hormonal changes, environmental factors, stress and the products we use and the way we take care of our skin. At my skin clinic I advice and offer treatments to set you on the road to improved skin health.