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Seeing a dental hygienist by Direct Access.

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What does this mean?

Direct Access means giving you, our patients, the option to see a Dental Care Professional without having seen a dentist first. You are now able to book to see me without seeing a dentist first.  However, this appointment does not take away the need for you to see a dentist regularly for your routine dental exam appointments which are so important for your overall dental health. I may advise you to see an alternative healthcare or dental care professional for your health and well being should your symptoms or problems be beyond the scope of my dental hygiene profession.


The Direct Access dental hygiene appointment

At each appointment I will ask you to complete to complete a medical history form and sign a consent that you understand the meaning and limitations of a dental hygiene appointment. I will perform a routine oral cancer screening and then take records to establish your periodontal gum condition and treatment needs.   Achieving excellent plaque control is crucial for the success of any gum treatment. This is my focus and I will look at ways to help you achieve this through correct brushing and homecare techniques. Treatments will include oral hygiene advice, dental health advice, plaque biofilm and mineralised deposit removal. Advanced periodontal therapy may be required. I will explain your treatment plan to you and address your specific needs.There will be a treatment plan to address your specific needs.

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