It's early July and a great time to officially launch!

This site is my inspiration, an expression of my passion for oral health and well-being, and I've even dipped my toe into the whole new world of skincare and skin health! I've got so much to share with you and I’m so excited to be launching this new project! I hope this page will appeal to the general public as well as my colleagues and dental professionals. My primary focus is to promote oral health.

While dentistry went quiet, we as a profession were busy refreshing, learning, growing, looking to ways to give back to you, ensuring we knew the current concepts and how to best answer your questions. We never stopped and we are set to continue, because our enthusiasm for dentistry and our love of the subject is profound. Our raison d'etre is our patient base and what we can do for you. We’ve had to change our approach! We’re back in the clinic, but we’ve also moved online so that we’re accessible and can answer to your needs. is just one dental hygienist's answer to these new challenges, to try to reach out to you! Book a complimentary online consult if you have a question and Follow me to gain new insight.

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