Protect your Skin from the Sun!

Sunburn is dangerous. Each time we go out into the sun we expose ourselves to the suns damaging UVA and UVB rays. Even on a cloudy day the rays get through and are absorbed into our skin. When we get sunburned not only is it painful and uncomfortable for several days, but in the longer term we risk possible DNA damage to the cells beneath our skin that could lead to skin cancer in time. Most skin cancers are caused by over exposure to UVR, but 90% of cancers are preventable if we protect ourselves. Protect your skin daily with a broad

spectrum sunblock. Apply and reapply it regularly. Always look for a sunblock that has high UVA and UVB protection ratings and don’t buy it if there are no ratings! Always use at least an SPF 30. If you are very fair skinned an SPF 50 is even more protective.

Remember the 5 S’s of sun safety!

  • SLIP on a T shirt,

  • SLOP on some SPF,

  • SLAP on a broad brimmed hat,

  • SLIDE on sunglasses, seek

  • SHADE from the sun.

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