Our Skin in Winter

Today was our first snow of the year, and with great excitement we wrapped up and bundled out into the twirling flakes to face the cold. Very soon my face was frozen and my skin felt taut and numb. The winter elements are severe on our skin and can cause severe dryness and dehydration.

Our skin is a complex structure of 5 layers with a protective lipid barrier that naturally protects and hydrates our skin maintaining a healthy and supple glow. In winter the extremes of temperature and harsh outdoors can adversely impact our skin causing it to produce less natural oily sebum leaving it dry and uncomfortable. Seek out rich hydrating emollient creams to moisturize your skin barrier and seep deep into the layers. I use some wonderful medical grade skincare products by Cliniccare to keep my skin glowing and healthy.

Dehydrated skin has been stripped of it's natural oil through the use of aggressive products and over-exfoliation. Avoid harsh cleansers and choose gentle products instead. Using soap and water on our face also strips our skin of its natural oils by altering the Ph of our skin. Think of hydration when you choose your products and particularly Hyaluronic Acid that maintains skin plumping. All the products I use are rich in Hyaluronic Acid and now I love my winter skin and glow. Contact me if you would like advice and solutions for your skincare this winter. Healthywhitesmile.co.uk

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