What is a Facial?

A facial is a skin treatment that cleanses the skin pores, exfoliates away the dead skin cells on the surface of our skin and treats common skin concerns using a custom mask to treat your specific needs.  This is a multi-step process that helps to rejuvenate and nourish our faces, making skin appear healthier and younger.
Skincare experts recommend a professional facial every 3-4 weeks. This is the time it takes for a cycle of new cells to replenish.  It takes about 28 days for the full cycle of skin cell growth and natural exfoliation.

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Recommended for you

is refresh facial experience and skincare advice package.  This is a perfect way to start your own new skin journey and set you on good home care regime with products chosen for your personal skincare needs. As your skin is restored and you feel the difference then indulge in some of my advanced facials and anti-ageing treatments to further rejuvenate and hydrate your skin to a more youthful appearance.  Give yourself that special time you deserve.  Whether you have dull dry skin or suffer with outbreaks and oily skin, there is a customised care programme and treatments for you.

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Why a Facial?

It’s that special time for you…
I have always loved the facial experience.  To me it is the ultimate pamper!  It’s a time to treat myself and to nourish my skin, a time to de-stress and relax, a time to re-hydrate my skin and promote a more youthful, brightened appearance.  It’s always been a holiday luxury, a ‘must-have’. So whether it’s on the edge of the Red Sea, or beside the Indian Ocean, it’s my space, my moment my time to relax and indulge.

Your At-Home Facial
Link to view video of technique https://vimeo.com/507013998

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Why Cliniccare?

Cliniccare products are natural, vegan friendly, medical grade skincare products that absorb deep into skin layers to provide maximum benefit to our skin. 
Cliniccare products are a Swedish cosmeceuticals that deliver optimal concentrations of pharmaceutical grade small molecular Hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, Peptides with Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) and other powerful active ingredients.   These act below the skin’s surface to rejuvenate from within and improve the overall skin health and appearance.

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Benefits of a Facial

Some of the benefits of a facial include:
Reduce stress and relieve anxiety.  Even more so during these challenging times
Cleanse your skin from bacterial toxins that accumulate on our skin
Prevent ageing by using medical grade skincare products that seep deep into the layers of our skin to boost the hyaluronic acid and improve plumpness and hydration
Face massage promotes circulation, brings the blood supply to your cells and helps to stimulate natural juices that promote collagen growth
Rejuvenate your skin.  A facial helps to refresh and brighten tired dull skin leaving you with a healthy glow
Treat acne and acne marks and eliminate acne whiteheads and blackheads

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Home Beauty Plan

Cliniccare have created a home daily beauty plan recommended especially for you, the client, post treatment, to optimise and maintain skin health until the following visit.
There are three ranges targeted to specific skin concerns:
GLOW - For hyperpigmentation, age spots and dull tired skin.
PURE - For sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin (i.e. acne-like conditions).
REFRESH/TIGHT- For fine lines, wrinkles, firmness and moisture.