Perfect Smile

Online Dental Health Advice

I am available online if you have any questions about your dental health. I am happy to set up a one to one meeting with you to discuss any concerns in the comfort of your own home. This may be especially helpful to patients during Covid 19 pandemic who wish to stay at home, especially those in the high risk, shielded groups.  This is a perfect time for you to benefit from this service and improve your general health.


Oral and Skin Cancer Screening

I will carry out routine oral cancer screening at each appointment. I have been trained and certified to screen for any signs of oral and skin cancer. I will refer  you for further review with our dentist or specialist if I detect any unusual signs.


Oral Health and Prevention

Using a personalised approach I will address your specific dental health needs to help you maintain optimum dental health. I will motivate you to use effective toothbrushing and interdental skills. This is the cornerstone to you attaining healthy teeth and gums.  With effective plaque control you can slow the rate and progression of gum disease.  I will advise you on medical history conditions and the impact on your dental health.


Periodontal Therapy

This treatment is also referred to as non surgical periodontal therapy. It is required for patients with advanced periodontal disease. It may take me several longer appointments to complete this treatment and may require local anaesthesia for your comfort. Heavy mineralised deposits are removed from within the pockets to facilitate plaque control and healing. This treatment requires detailed precise clinical expertise. The aim of this treatment is to remove contamination and bacteria from within the pockets and promote healing, thereby retaining teeth for as long as possible.  Patients may need to have more than one series of this treatment, or may be referred to a periodontal specialist for further treatment options beyond the scope of a dental hygienist.


Supportive Periodontal Therapy

This is the continued oral hygiene support and treatments to maintain gum health where there is stable gum condition. AT each visit I will record and assess your gum and bone condition.  Bleeding is a sign of gum inflammation. I will take bleeding scores at each appointment to assess gum health and show you the  improvement you have achieved.


Initial Dental Hygiene Therapy​

This is your first dental hygiene appointment with me. I will carry out a full periodontal health assessment. This will include records of your homecare aids, medical history, social history and current condition. Where possible I will use radiographs to reach a periodontal diagnosis. At each appointment I will perform an oral cancer screening as well as a visual skin cancer check of the head and neck areas. 
My primary focus in this appointment is your current plaque control and gum condition. We establish new goals to improve and stabilise your periodontal health. I will show you techniques and oral hygiene aids to help you achieve optimum gum health. A treatment plan will be recorded and explained to you. I will commence removal of plaque biofilm and mineralised biofilm deposits are removed using ultrasonic or hand instrumentation.